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Coming from both a teaching background and a gymnastics base, our vision was to establish a club that highlighted the true nature of competitive cheer. Though we do ensure our athletes look beautiful, cheer at Athena is not just about the makeup and glitz. Emphasis is placed on the talent of the athletes, developing the strength and conditioning required to perform at an elite level and providing the building blocks for sound skills and technique. We celebrate the positive attributes of all our athletes and strive to build each as a ‘whole’…both mentally & physically.

Staff members have been hand selected, not only because of their amazing skill base but because they demonstrate traits I believe will make them great educators. Coach training at Athena strongly emphasizes techniques to nurture, guide and inspire the athletes. As a team, we strive to make the gym a safe place where our athletes can step in the door, forget about anything else, work hard and enjoy the company of their team mates. We celebrate small steps, invite open communication with parents and aim to have our athletes leave the gym happy!

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The Faces of Athena Cheer Academy

In this family based business, two generations work alongside each other. Kerry & Paul co-own and manage the club and are supported by their children, Maddi & Mac who both coach and cheer at Athena. Club mentors, Steve & Miranda Walters are also a husband and wife team. They bring to the table huge experience in the cheer industry and are highly respected both in Australia and overseas. A shared ethos and love of the sport brings the leadership group together as they work toward a common goal.

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Kerry Merrett

Kerry Merrett


Kerry began her adult career as a Primary School teacher. She worked in classrooms and later as a Teacher Librarian. Her heart though, had always been in the extra school activities. She directed school musicals, created start up school gymnastic clubs in several school, pioneered gifted & talented programs and ...Read Full Biography

Paul Merrett

Paul Merrett


Co-owner of Athena and ‘go to’ man, Paul works in a diverse set of roles ranging from accounts and office to anything tech based, taking photos, running music, general handyman and until recently, social media co-ordinator. Outside Athena, Paul continues to work in IT and runs his own sports photography ...Read Full Biography

Our Story 


Athena is named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. The representation is that of a strong female leader to guide with wisdom and lead us into battle. The Athena ethos reflects our values of ‘Spirit, Strength & Unity’ and underpins everything we strive for. In keeping with this theme, our teams are the names of Greek gods or beautiful Greek words with poignant meanings. Our beautiful white, navy & fuchsia uniforms portray the dual themes of a warrior and winged god/goddess.

Athena has been built with the support of great educators and mentors. Athletes and coaches work with the Aussie Gold & ‘Action Spirit’ crews on an annual basis through camps and conferences & in the areas of choreography, workshops and coach training. It is such a privilege to work with these industry leaders (from both Australia and the USA) who bring a vast array of experience with them. We are also lucky enough to have two of the ‘Action Spirit’ team members on our staff.

Our Story

Where are we now?

In 2020, we now have fourteen teams that span every age group and levels from 1 – 5. Our coaching staff are among the best in Queensland and each year, the teams grow stronger and more skilled. We are in that very fortunate place to be small enough to be able to know and develop every athlete but large enough to have the athletes to be competitive in any arena. Our teams compete at all the major events including AASCF States & Nationals with several teams, over the past two years, also securing Pinnacle bids.

2019 culminated with 4 teams attending Nationals in Melbourne: all four teams finished in the top 5 of their division with two teams being crowned National Champions. The Open 4 Co-ed team placed second at Pinnacle. Though the competitive season will be shorter this year due to covid19, we will be competing and are up for the challenge. Our Open 5 team is building toward L6 for 2021 and plans are in place for them to travel overseas to compete.

What people say about Athena

  • My daughter has been at Athena Cheer for almost 3 years and she absolutely loves it. She has made some great friends and learnt so much. Her skills continue to improve and her motivation and love for the sport grows daily. The coaches and club owners genuinely care for the athletes. We are grateful to be a part of such a supportive cheer club community.
    Emma - Parent
  • Athena Cheer Academy (ACA) is a well run, friendly gym. The wellbeing of each athlete both physically and emotionally is paramount and the owners, Kerry and Paul make every effort to ensure the safety of athletes. There is an open-door policy and athletes and their parents are always welcome to speak to the owners. The coaches are top level and make the teams a place where the athletes of all ages from 2 through to 55 want to be. My daughter has progressed through a number of teams and the team spirit and encouragement of athletes, coaches and owners has made this possible. I saw how much fun she was having and despite not being sporty, I joined the adult’s team. The team spirit is fabulous and many of us are now friends outside of the gym. I can’t recommend Athena highly enough.
    Jan - Parent & Athlete
  • Athena Cheer Academy has a great family culture where they promote effort, harness equality and encourage all. Athena owners and coaches are always responsive to questions and queries and accommodate both athletes and parents where they can. I love Athena' s values of being a humble club while being professional and successful. My children love training and competing with Athena.
    Elissa - Parent
  • Athena Cheer Academy is a welcoming club, where you are supported and there is a place for everyone. The atmosphere here is amazing I have never been in a gym with this much support and enthusiasm. The gym follows three values of Spirit, Strength and Unity. The way they do this is by encouraging each other, by being there for each other and by supporting each other. Everyone is kind and loving. That is just a few reasons why I love Athena!
    Kassia - Athlete
  • Athena Cheer Academy has given my daughter an amazing experience over the years. It has been an incredibly supportive environment with fun vibes and incredible coaching from very talented individuals. Athena’s owners show a beautiful respect for each athlete and we look forward to many more years being part of the 'Athena Cheer Academy family'.
    Martine - Parent
  • I love Athena Cheer Academy because not only are the coaches and the athletes always encouraging to me but they are always super supportive. When I am at cheer I always feel that I am a part of the Athena family and I can always trust that I am in a fun, friendly and safe environment. I love Athena Cheer Academy!
    Grace - Athlete
  • The collective and absolute dedication of Athena’s athletes, coaches and families to cheer sport is truly inspiring. Athena is more than a gym; it is a place where athletes are supported to develop self-confidence, resilience and grit while continually learning and mastering new skills and forming incredible friendships.
    Shelley - Parent
  • Absolutely love Athena Cheer Academy, all the coaches and all it brings to our lives. Not only the skills that my girls continue to learn but the values, team commitment, friendships, ethics, spirit and so much more than I could ever imagine from a sport or club. They cannot get enough and are better athletes and people by being involved here. Their love for the sport grows daily as does their skills, and I cannot thank the coaches enough for their dedication to make every child, every training session and every competition the best they can.
    Tamara - Parent

Our Teams

Tiny Novice

Tiny Titans

Tiny Novice
Coach: Monique
Mini Novice

Mini Myths

Mini Novice
Coach: Monique
Junior Novice


Junior Novice
Coaches: Hayley & Apryll
Junior One


Junior 1
Coach: Jasmine
Adult One


Adult 1, Non Tumble
Coach: Krystle
Youth Two


Youth 2
Coach: Maddi
Junior Two


Junior 2
Coach: Krystle
Junior Three


Junior 3
Coaches: Kerry & Mac
Open Three Non Tumble


Open 3, Non Tumble, Co-ed
Coach: Miranda
Junior Four


Junior 4
Coach: Maddi
Senior Four All Girl


Senior 4AG
Coach: Miranda
Open International 5


Open 5, Co-ed
Coach: Wade

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