Spirit Strength Unity

Athena is the premiere Co-ed All Star Cheer Club on the North side of Brisbane.
Family based, we offer quality cheer in a nurturing environment.
Come and try this emerging sport... you won’t be disappointed!

Spirit Strength Unity

Athena is the premiere Co-ed All Star Cheer Club on the North side of Brisbane. Family based, we offer quality cheer in a nurturing environment. Come and try this emerging sport... you won’t be disappointed!

Welcome to Athena

At Athena, we believe the best athletes are developed when parent, athlete and coach work together as a team. Families are welcomed into our club. The coaches are hand selected and effective communication enhances outcomes for all. We aim to develop quality cheerleaders in a nurturing and friendly environment.

Athena opened its doors in late 2016 and from there has gone from strength to strength. We are a co-ed club that caters for all ages and levels. Our experienced and talented coaching team is second to none and our vision is to deliver ‘cheer with class’. If you are looking for a sport that challenges, excites, develops confidence and prepares children for ‘life’, then please contact our passionate team. We are always looking to expand our Athena Family.

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Why Cheerleading

Cheer is a team sport. Often the athlete’s best friendships are those made at cheer. This is due to the team environment and fun nature of the sport. We watch our athletes grow in self-confidence as they develop a love of cheer, a support network and a social life that immerses athletes in their sport.
Our youngest cheer participants are just 2 and the oldest are in their 50s. Athletes can start at any age, participate in cheer on as little as one night a week’s training or do far more if keen to progress faster. In cheer, there is a place for everyone. The natural athlete may be your highlighted tumbler or jumper, a petite child with flexibility often makes a great flier, a tall child is sought after as a back spot and those with strong physiques make great bases. It greatly enhances an athlete’s self-esteem when they find their place and can make a worthwhile contribution to a team. Many athletes stay in cheer or return to it well beyond their school years.
All Star Cheerleading is a competitive sport. Athletes develop skills which complement and enhance other sporting activities. Physical benefits include the development of strength, fitness, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. High-level athletes are generally surprised at how challenging cheer can be.
Cheer simply ‘gets you in’. Parents and athletes quickly become part of a wider sporting community and learn to love it. Cheer provides a focus outside of school and work. Our skilled, passionate and talented staff make excellent mentors for children and teens in those challenging years.
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Our Classes

Classes at Athena run six days a week, Mondays to Saturdays. We cater to all ages from 2 years upward and all levels of experience from 'raw' beginner to experienced athlete. No matter what your age, you are never too old to take up cheer!

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Why Cheer at Athena?

Athena opened its doors in late 2016 with a mission to provide quality cheer, a great service and educate the wider community about what a truly amazing sport this is. From humble beginnings and just four teams in our first year, we have developed athletes from the ‘ground up’ and are truly proud that we’ve emerged as one of the leading co-ed cheerleading clubs on the North side of Brisbane. Most athletes who join Athena do so because someone has recommended us. We love welcoming new families to the gym and are regularly told what a great ‘feel’ the club has.

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What is All Star Cheerleading?

All Star Cheer is a sport that has become hugely popular in the USA and is growing exponentially in Australia. Athletes perform a routine comprising of tumbling, stunting, dance and jump skills. Coaches choose from a whole range of core and elite skills that require a great amount of trust and teamwork to perform. Not every athlete has to do every skill but together as a team, points are built up with judging based on a whole range of ‘drivers’. Deductions incurred are taken from the base score.
Audiences are vocal and the atmosphere ‘electric’. Competitive cheer is due to be introduced as a display sport at the next Olympic games.

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